The line

The track of Doller Railway was inaugurated on June 30th 1869 by the “Compagnie de Chemin de fer de l’EST” (East  Railway Company). The line is 14 km long and stretches between Cernay and Sentheim with a ramp of 18 per 1000 maximum. The line consists of :
        - 6 stations
        - 1 depot with 3 tracks
        - 18 level crossings, 3 of them with manual gates
        - 21 points
        - 24 524 sleepers
        - 147 336 screws

You may have heard about an authentic steam train, plumed with smoke, panting in front of four wooden cars from the train of Palavas somewhere between Cernay St André and Sentheim. This surprising convoy starts in Cernay St Andre and strolls across the romantic campaign foothills of the Vosges Mountains every weekend.

You can hear the thumping sound of the exhaust as the locomotive goes faster, before stopping in the station. An agent steps down the train and stops the cars with a red flag while another one turn the crank and closes the level crossing.

The train goes past the dim of Michelbach, and stops again. Before going over the Henry Bridge, make sure your hands and your head do not stick out of the windows, there are only 15 cm between the bridge and the window frames.

In Sentheim, the passengers will find a lovely station and its concourse where the volunteers of the association offer fresh drinks and some souvenirs.

The site of Sentheim has retained its original appearance, you can buy tickets at the ancient ticket office, and the waiting room is heated with an old fashioned wood stove. During your trip, you will discover a lot of antiquated objects, disappeared today.

 Passage à niveau du rond point de la RN 66 à St André

We are working now on Re-opening of the St. André- Cernay section.

Since the 25th of July 2011, Le Train Thur-Doller has had the authorisation to cross the Route National 66 by a level crossing next to the St, André roundabout.

  Carte ligne Cernay - St AndréThis agreement from the Direction Départementale des Territoires (DDT) du Haut-Rhin, subject to certain conditions, will enable the reinstatement of the junction between the Doller tourist line and le Réseau Ferré National. Since 1996 this 2km of track between St. André and Cernay town has not seen any traffic because all rail traffic was banned from crossing at level crossing No.2. Following this restriction, discussions with the local council took place with a view to reinstate the connection into Cernay town.

In the months to come RFF will put back the railway points necessary to link up with the Mulhouse - Thann - Kruth line. The infrastructure will need some renewal work on the sleepers.

We will then be able to bring in all our railway stock, not by road but by rail. Rail connection also has the advantage that merchandise may now enter the Doller valley in accordance with the multiparty debate on the environment of the valley. It is now a real possibility that the completion of this new connection will from time to time enable our trains to leave the Doller for excursions away from the valley.

We thank all the elected representatives of the Thur and Doller for all their endless efforts for nearly ten years to facilitate the successful completion of this project.

 Locomotive BB 63754 sur un camion, à hauteur de Burnhaupt. R RENAULD

September 2011 our new diesel locomotive BB63754 arrives on our line, not by rail but by lorry. It was brought from Rouen up to Thann by a goods train and then made the final kilometres by road on a trailer because of a lack of connection to the railway network and the impossibility of a train crossing at the RN66 level crossing still blocked by crash barriers.
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la ligne du train de la Doller Saint-André Aspach-le-haut Burnhaupt gare Sentheim gare Guewenheim gare Burnhaupt dépot Saint-André ligne Aspach ligne Pont Passage à niveau Burnhaupt ligne Cernay Guewenheim ligne Sentheim grue
la ligne du train de la Doller