Departure Cernay-St André 10h30  15h00
 Departure Burnhaupt 11h35 16h05
 Arrival Sentheim 11h50 16h30
  Return Return
 Departure Sentheim 13h30 17h30
 Departure Burnhaupt 13h55 17h55
 Arrival Cernay-St André 14h30 18h30

* the departure hours can be different when there is a train with show

  • Wednesdays in July and August * :

 Departure Cernay-St André 10h00  14h30
 Departure Burnhaupt 10h55 15h20 
 Arrival Sentheim 11h20 15h50
  Return Return
 Departure Sentheim 13h00 16h45
 Departure Burnhaupt 13h20 17h05
 Arrival Cernay-St André 13h50 17h35


 * Be careful, July 14th and August 15th are a public holiday,

If you're looking for timetable of show train, please go directly to the page dedicated to the show. 


You can take your pic nic with you and eat it on the terrace or in the station concourse,  where you can buy drinks and souvenirs.

We will present history of the material during the trip. The calendar of circulations is available here.