The association

Train Thur Doller Alsace is an association composed by volonteer members, working during free times for saving old train.  The locomotiv and cars have been bought to secondary railway, industri or SNCF, thanks to the perseverance of the founding members. all the reparation of material and railway are organised or made by the association.


Railwayman by passion

A lot of old job are recreated when there is a train. water, oil and coal are the most important word for the drivers. After 3 hours of preparation, the steam locomotive is ready to go, from station to station on the speed of 30km/h. We could hear the locomotiv breathe... No doubt possible, members do by passion, they loves trains.  

After a good day in the locomotiv.


The association was created in 1971, and the first touristik train was inaugurated june 20th, 1976.

Nowadays, all passegers are still happy to discover this beautiful old train driving through the campaign.

Filling coal in the locomotiv with this old crane, coming from Gray (70)

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