The Trains

   Pictures all right reserved. Crédit : R. Renauld, S. Chevalier, A. Herrgott
 Steam loc 030T Meuse in front of Halloween train
  Inside the warehouse in Burnhaupt
  Two steam locomotive for 30st birthday of association
 cftvd-30ans-250606sc-023r  x5852-sentheim-burnhaupt-guewenheim-ph-r-renauld-04r  cftvd-30ans-250606sc-033r
 Steam train in Aspach forest   Guewenheim Station, diesel engine XBD 5852 cross the road
  The train, somewhere between Guewenheim and Sentheim
 x5852-burnhaupt-sentheim-sentheim-ph-r-renauld-12r  hoffman-burnhaupt-ph-r-renauld-13r  cftvd-30ans-250606sc-056r
 Sentheim Station, diesel Engine XBD5852 make a break
  Diesel Engine Hoffmann in Burnhaupt   Steam loc Mallet and Couillet in Sentheim Station
 cftvd-30ans-250606sc-117r  x5852-burnhaupt-sentheim-guewenheim-ph-r-renauld-02r  girel-burnhaupt-sentheim-guewenheim-ph-r-renauld-03r
 Steam locomotive Couillet in front of Sentheim Station   XBD 5800 in Guewenheim
  Diesel Engine Girel in front of Ballon d'Alsace
 x5852-burnhaupt-sentheim-guewenheim-ph-r-renauld-07r  hoffman-burnhaupt-ph-r-renauld-02r  cftvd-30ans-250606sc-051r
 Guewenheim station :XBD5852 in front of village and Vosges Mountain
  Diesel engine Hoffmann   Train arriving in Sentheim, end of the trip
 cftvd-30ans-250606sc-013r  x5852-sentheim-burnhaupt-guewenheim-ph-r-renauld-02r  x5852-mallet-depot-burnhaupt-01r
 Alsacian girl with steam locomotive   In Guewenheim Station, 5852 cross the road
  Steam loc Mallet going to "sleep" in the warehouse
 cftvd-30ans-250606sc-048r  triple-traction-cernay  cftvd-30ans-250606sc-001r
 Train cross the campain   Three steam loc in Cernay Saint André
 Steam loc Couillet and Mallet
 cftvd-30ans-250606sc-138r  x5852-burnhaupt-sentheim-guewenheim-04r  arrive-sentheim
 Train has just cross the bridge and is waiting to cross the road   Diesel engine in Guewenheim   Train arrive in Sentheim station
 locovapeur-et-voitures  train-couillet-burnhaupt  western
Steam train and old car
  Steam loc departure in Burnhaupt
  Western Train !
  x5852-burnhaupt-sentheim-sentheim-ph-r-renauld-11r  girel-burnhaupt-sentheim-guewenheim-ph-r-renauld-11r
 Steam train with 030T Couillet in Aspach  Diesel engine xbd 5852 in Sentheim station
   Diesel Engine in guewenheim station
 x5852---burnhaupt  la-meuse--la-mallet-et-la-couillet---burnhaupt  meuse---sentheim
 Diesel Engine XBD 5852 make a break in Burnhaupt station
  three steam loc in Burnhaupt station : Meuse, Mallet and Couillet   Steam loc Meuse in Sentheim station