Rent the Steam train

louez votre train 

For you birthday, association meeting, weeding or just for pleasure, you can rent special trains. Chose the date, the departures times and the trip, steam or diesel train and book your special journey. You can invite all your friend, there is 425 sitting places and organise a meal or brunch in Sentheim Station.


If you want to stop for making fotos, just ask us, and we'll do it. The train and the hall  can be decorated.

For booking your rent, please contact us : or



Rent your special steam train, only for you.

 Practical information:

 Train Thur Doller deals only travel by train. Decoration, meal or appetizer remain the responsibility of the organizer. You prefer a turnkey solution? Our partner "fêtes vous plaisir" can arrange a bespoke event. Decoration, rental of chairs, drinks, catered meals, table service, beverage service, make - hand animations, photographer or even storage room, this is the map depending on what you need

Rates to rent the train : 

 Rates for private trains (1) Single Trip 12kmGo Back Trip 24kmDetail
 Steam Engine 030T Couillet 550 € 700 € 250 places
 Steam Engine 030T Meuse 550€ 700€ 250 places
 Steam Engine Mallet 020+020T 650 € 850 € 250 places
 Additionnal car
 80 € 100 € 50 places per additional car
 Fuel Engine Fauvet Girel 320 €
 400 €
 250 places
 Autorail XBD 5852
 240 €
 300 €
 63 places
 50€ 4*8m / 1 toà 4 available

(1) Package with 4 wood cars built in 1892 (190 places) - Additionnal bar cars and all people car on request.  

Hall of Sentheim is equipped with a kitchenette with oven, gas hob, stainless steel sink and washing machine. A large stainless steel fridge is available to refresh your drinks and keep your meal.
The room can be heated by two heaters blowers, gas-powered.

You can only have access to the hall if you rent the train. And to avoid problem with neighbours, it's not possible to organize diner and party during the evening. Thanks for your understanding. 

Contact us if you wish to visit the hall and see the train! Estimate on request, according to the benefits.